Saint Teresa de Jesús, spiritual food for Africa today

Saint Teresa de Jesús, spiritual food for Africa today

Written in: Christmas 22, 2014

ocd de Gitega 2

The Carmelite communities in Gitega, Burundi, organized the first meeting of Teresian formation in the spiritual center of the Discalced Carmelites "María, Queen of Carmel ", until Friday 25 July, in partnership withocd de Gitega General Secretariat missions Roma. This activity is framed within the V Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, founder of Carmel descalzo.La session will focus on reading the writings of St. Teresa, as spiritual food for Africa today. Where the writings of the "Book of Life" is mainly addressed, the "Correspondence" and "Interior Castle". One of the main objectives of these sessions is the progressive rooting of Teresian spirituality in Burundi and anthropological foundation of biblical writings teresianos.Unas days that provincial delegate of the Carmelites of Rwanda and Burundi will be directed, the superior of the community and spiritual animator Center, Father Libère Saruye, Father Mathieu Kacou, Ivorian, Father Julio Almansa, Secretary General of Misiones, and ocd de Gitega 3padre Antoine M. Zechariah Igirukwayo, originally from Burundi and professor at the Pontifical Faculty Teresianum.

The audience it is aimed primarily is leading the Carmelite family in the region, although the sessions are open to all interested persons, enshrined in the.
The Spiritual Center of the Discalced Carmelites "María, Queen of Carmel ", opened on 15 July 2011 en Gitega, and belongs to the provincial delegation of Burundi and Rwanda. The Discalced Carmelite Order is present in Burundi since 40 years. A 100 meters from the house is the first monastery of Carmelite nuns country, even though they entered the monastery 15 December 2013, the consecration of the altar and the blessing of the church dates from the past 22 May, made by Archbishop Simone Ntamwana, Archbishop of Gitega. The community is composed of six sisters 3 different nationalities: Rwanda, Nigeria and Burundi.