Saint Teresa of Jesus and his music as protagonists of Holy Week in Madrid

Saint Teresa of Jesus and his music as protagonists of Holy Week in Madrid

Written in: Sea 18, 2015

Programming Easter Madrileña revolves around the figure of St. Teresa V to mark the centenary of his birth. It is a cultural art mainly focused on music and will take place from today until next 5 April.

A broad agenda is scheduled for these dates in the city, 125 activities, twenty more than last year, will occupy the next few days in the capital. In many of them (76 to be precise) are devoted to music and voice to the Passion, with the figure of St. Teresa of Avila born 28 March as the main reason.


Parishes and churches of the city and places like CentroCentro, the cultural center of Palacio de Cibeles and Conde Duque welcome 34 Concerts. "Provide an opportunity to enjoy music, word and image of the time” the conversion of some letrillas arrows of the Holy, according to the mayor stressed Ana Botella, in the Church of Santa Teresa and San Jose, where the presentation of the events planned for Holy Week was held. Also will be held 15 performances clusters of Choral Federation of Madrid that will help thicken the entertainment in the Spanish capital.

But not everything will be music these days, but are also provided exhibitions like Fernan Gomez ‘In His Image. Art, Culture and Religion', “a journey that reflects the special events of the biblical story and history of the Church”. And, as is characteristic of dates that invite contemplation, will also be processions of the brotherhoods, total 13 that roam the streets of Madrid between the 29 March and 5 April and between which there will be the presence of congregations of Málaga and Zaragoza.

Today in Madrid…

As for the afternoon is already full of activities that St. Teresa of Avila is the protagonistto, and the dramatized reading the work of Ana Diosdado "Heaven you have promised me" and shows the nearest Real Face of Santa Teresa. The performance will be at the Royal Church of San Ginés from the 18,30 afternoon. A few hours later, to 20,30, hosting a music concert time Santa Teresa in the Parish of Our Lady of Covadonga and will feature performances by soprano Laia Falcón. Some activities that will whet your appetite ahead of the weeks of celebration.