Santa Teresa is unique in the Church and in history

Santa Teresa is unique in the Church and in history

Written in: Sep 18, 2014

AlteaThe V Centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus means for the Discalced Carmelite Order one Kairós, a gift of the Holy Spirit, an ecclesial event that makes us experience that St. Teresa of Jesus is alive, your Charisma, manifested in his Writings, is current, and has a great message for the people of today and of all time. Because your Charisma, prayer, passion for the Church and the world, love for Jesus Christ, to your Site, passionate love for man, This is how the Gospel, easy, fresh, committed and radical.
The Church, but especially the Order, has felt moved from foundation, Read, studying, praying, dialogue and working in these five years of preparation for the Centennial in his Works: Life, the Path, Addresses, Exclamations, Foundations, Poetry, Song of Songs and Other Writings.
And we've done together and at once, as a family we are, crowded with Mother, the Maesra, the Pedagoga, Doctor.
“The Holy Mother Teresa, He looked down from Heaven to this family who takes care of her with love and has crowned the work undertaken one day on earth”. THANK YOU MOTHER!!!auxi3
How important is St. Teresa now?
Santa Teresa received a gift from God that she could appreciate and work being docile to the action of the Spirit. The Lord adorned free values, human and supernatural virtues She made a woman of all time.
For his human condition and divine time was, ago 500 years, a woman as now, of challenges, capable of founding a contemplative and evangelical Order, let alone the male, with unprecedented courage, to the difficulties facing, with truth and authenticity, with great freedom. I think it's a Holy more of our century sixteenth century, of Vatican II that the Council of Trent. In his capacity as writer and mystic, humanize the divine and the human divinizar, his word, his person and his life, have great strength and importance that all we need now.
This is a unique event because Santa Teresa is unique in the Church and in history. It is overwhelming, spread and engages with his writings, is of all times and all men. Its never go unnoticed Events, always held a big, win people know, always surprised.
Inaugurate the V Centenario with the Eucharist the day 18 October, chaired by our Sr. Bishop D. Jesus Soriano Murgui, together with the priests of the diocese, and the authorities and people of Altea and contour.
We set the Church with a canvas V Centenario on the facade and banners at the entrance of the Monastery.
• Each week a text of holy church chair, and a voice was heard in off the text. This I collect DVDs that have published MP3 edited Dwellings, Life, the Path.
• will project an image while to help us reflect and meditate. This will also gather for prayer group each 15 days joins us to pray, and we extend to our website: as material for prayer.
• A half hour before the Eucharist CD P. Rafael León, corners teresianos.
• What days 15 of each month the Eucharist is a Teresian tone.
• We call a continuous reading of the works of the Holy in the Church once a month, families participate Altea, Benidorm and all those who request us.
• Propagate the pilgrimage to places teresianos propaganda in the Church, lathe, radio Altea, Diocese newsletter, Magazine of the Diocese.
Also along the Centennial year in the chancel of the Church, let's go riding exhibition on Life and Work of our Holy Mother Teresa.
Prayer meetings scheduled:
• Children, schools Altea, Benidorm, Calpe
• Young Altea, diocese
• Adults, families, diocese.
• Each 15 day at the Church of the Monastery continued with the group who just turned 25 years.

Retirement. Introduction, accompaniment Teresa of Jesus in prayer (given by a nun community)
Priests Arciprestazgo:
Withdrawals. Introduction, accompaniment Teresa of Jesus in prayer (given by a nun community)
Talks to catechists diocese, individuals, anyone interested in prayer. Shared by a sister in the Community.
Dvds en audio ,mp3, of the works of St. Teresa of Jesus: Addresses
Life and Way.
• Itinerary activities Discalced Carmelites path of Altea divided by the parishes of the diocese.
• Teresa Script V Centennial celebration in parishes:
• Corner, prayer, Biblical text, Text teresiano, image, all in one DVD.
• Script catechetical Santa Teresa to hand in groups of Parishes.
Mr involved. Bishop and the City of Altea to offer their aid.
In August 2015, we:
• Presentation catechetical Santa Teresa
• A concert, F. Rafael León and other artist..
• A play about St. Teresa,
We end the Centennial Year with another Mass in thanksgiving, preceded by a series of conferences that are to be finalized.

It was a free woman, defended and put in place the woman in the Church, fought for poverty, was missionary and evangelizing through prayer and evangelical life. He lived and were proposed as ideal daughters, “doing little that was in me, it is to follow the evangelical counsels as perfectly as I could and ensure that these who live here do the same, confident in the great goodness of God, that never fails to help those who are determined by the drop everything” (C.1, 2).
She, by divine inspiration, caused a great “exit” who led his Charisma, left everything and began the climb to Mt., to reach union with God through dark nights. I was able to break the social treatment of their time and provide a simple and natural way, He bartered the Doña by sisters, honor by humility, ostentatious touched by the sackcloth and jargon, (simple and poor materials in its time). He was attracted more by poor, plain and simple people and titles aristocrats who had to deal. I'm tempted to copy some paragraphs of the Jesuit Victor Codina in its: “A new pastoral climate “on Pope Francis. “It is true that what the Pope says and does is nothing to translate the gospel to the world today: be more worried man intraecclesial world of problems, make the Church is a sign of forgiveness and mercy of God ,poor and the poor Church, be like a field hospital that heals wounds, does go out, go to existential boundaries even at the risk of accidents; that respects the dignity of laymen and women; to walk with others in the midst of differences, recognize that we are all children of the same Father and brothers and sisters, a Church with motherly tender mercy, that reflects God's tenderness and care of creation…..I do not shout or acclaim the Pope Francis,(Teresa of Jesus),but Jesus.”
Hna. Mª. Help of the Holy Spirit, Discalced Carmelite