Saint Teresa

Saint Teresa

Written in: Apr 30, 2014

St. Teresa of Avila and, was a woman with an outstanding personality without resources undertook the difficult task of reform of the Carmelite Order. She was a woman of the sixteenth century scholars debated the Church and the society around her and reached its achievements. He founded 17 convents in Spain, governed by his understanding of the spiritual life, and produced a vast literary work that became a leading figure among the writers of the Golden Age. It was she who initiated the movement of mystics called in Europe and later became the patron of all writers in Spanish language and Doctor of the Church.

It was a Renaissance woman, fighting and letters: andariega, determined , solidarity, cheerful, employee, tenacious, constant, intelligent, humble, Creative, charismatic, Dreamy, awake, involved, fighter, cultured, curious, leader, close, strategist, scientific, Unstoppable, evocative, single, committed, on a word: Memorable.