Saint Teresa


Written in: May 06, 2014


The spirituality present in all the activities of the program; the search of the inner peace and the need to reflect on about our daily reality and its environment; look for peace in the little things and daily.

The respect. Saint Teresa de Jesús, as a humanist and as a mystic, is an object of study for all the cultures and sciences related with philosophy, the nurturing of the spirit and the literature.

The excellency, is characterized for having goodwill that allowed her to front the biggest contrarieties and reach all her objectives in an enthusiastic way, looking always for the excellence. For it, all the programing in their different parts will look for this prominent value.

The compromise with the Spaniard society that will beneficiate this program and will take part of the importance to remember the big figures and milestones of our history and our culture; with the persons that work day after day in the missions of the Order of the Discalced Carmel and contribute that our world will be fairer.

Long term, it will allow the association of other transversal values as friendship, the solidarity, the spirituality, the community, the collaboration, as servicor, the tradition and peace.

The solidarity in a project that has diffusion in the five continents, mainly in places where is necessary the help and action through campaigns that look to equilibrate the balance in a world of situations of big inequalities.