Seed in a good land

Seed in a good land

Written in: Nov 27, 2014

IMG_0787-1024x682By Father Antonio González, friar of the Order of Discalced Carmelites.

In South America we find, with the personality of each country, a Carmel full of vitality, of exciting stories. The friars arrived at these latitudes in the late nineteenth century, and then founded numerous convents: Bogotá, Medellín, Quito, Santiago de Chile, Cordova, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Porto Alegre… beautiful neo-Gothic temples and, mainly, with a courageous evangelizing work to serve the people.

Oldest and most surprising is the history of women Carmelo: in 1606, Doña Elvira de Padilla, a lady of Bogotá, takes the initiative in founding the first convent of Discalced Carmelites in South America, he enters with two of his daughters and other young. It is also due to the initiative of a group of women Carmel Cordoba, founded in 1628. And in this city Argentina, in 1782, one Carmelite community of women who are consecrated to God appears and dedicate their lives to accommodate orphan girls and promote female education. In fact, with the Carmelites of St. Teresa, founded by the Carmelite Bishop Jose Antonio de San Alberto, Carmel undertook, already in the eighteenth century, new ways to serve the Church and society.

Going through these places reveals stories full of creativity, boldness and beauty. And us about figures like María Felicia, "Chiquitunga", a young woman from the Catholic Action entered Carmel Asuncion middle of last century, leaving a trail of generosity and dedication. She is expected to be the first saint Paraguayan, and St. Teresa of the Andes, a young woman from the early twentieth century it, It is the first Chilean saint. The meeting of Teresa of Jesus, through his cane, with Chiquitunga in Asuncion, and Teresa of the Andes in Auco, leaves in the spirit intense emotion, great joy and hope. The Carmel of Teresa of Jesus has taken root in the fertile soil of America and is bearing fruit.