Teresa of Jesus, educator woman, companion, teacher, educator

Teresa of Jesus, educator woman, companion, teacher, educator

Written in: Sea 08, 2015

Today we join the celebration of International Women's Day with St. Teresa of Jesus! Throughout this week that ends today, We've been publishing our blog reflections on Teresa as a praying woman, as deep woman, as brave woman, as woman relationship… Today the culmination, we wanted to present to the teacher Teresa. We thank Mayor Margarita by the texts of his hand we have shared with you in response to Teresa women in all its facets.

teresa maestra

What is also important in our lives learning, advance, grow up! This is a process that lasts a lifetime, a road we have to travel long as we live, that takes time and teacher. Know and know to expect. Choose and explore. Arriesgarnos and find. Transform and transform. A path that demands freedom and truth.

Teresa is an excellent teacher, it was for her nuns, and remains so today.

"He told me who sent me write that, how are you these monasteries of nuns of Our Lady of Carmen who have a need to clarify their doubts prayer, he seemed to better understand a language other women and the love for Me would make more to the point what I say to them. And so I'll talk with them about what I write ... ". (Addresses, prologue 4)

The educational process requires patient waiting and active. It's what Jesus showed us many of his parables:

"And he said,: – The kingdom of God with the grain that a man should cast on earth. Sleep or ensure, Night and day, the grain germinates and grows, he knows not how. The earth produces of itself: first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. But when the fruit is about, then the sickle, because the harvest has come.

Went on to say: -What will compare the kingdom of God, or what parable will expose? What happens to it with a grain of mustard. When planting in the ground, It is the smallest of all seeds. But, once planted, grows, becomes larger than any vegetable with such big branches that the birds can nest in its shade ". (Mc. 4, 26-32)

In Teresa found a passionate woman for life, which seeks to make truth in its history, staying true to herself and what she experiences. Finding the truth is to find freedom.

"Addressing the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said: – If you remain true to my word, you are truly my disciples; and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free " (Jn. 8, 31-32)

Meet Teresa of Jesus is encountering the truth, ourselves, God, World… It is meet Jesus.

Intended to share my experience of meeting with Teresa and propose many of his texts so that each can also meet her, with him, with his sweeping and contagious vitality.

I here term. And I invite everyone to do the latter approach to this extraordinary figure. Draw near to it, read some of his writings, learn a little more about her life, of his work, what others have said will love it ..., attracted by his person, and more committed to following Jesus.

I conclude with the words of Teresa of Jesus, well known, the first chapter of the Way of Perfection, to join us and encourage us every day:

"At this time they came to my notice the damage of France and the havoc they had done these Lutherans and how this sect was growing unhappy. Diome great fatigue, and as if I could something or be something, I cried to the Lord and begged remedy so much evil. It seemed that I thousand lives to save one soul of many that were being lost there. And as I was a woman and wretched and unable to take advantage of what I wanted in the service of the Lord, and all my desire was, and is still, that it has many enemies and so few friends, that those were good, determined to do the little that was in me, it is to follow the evangelical counsels as perfectly as I could and strive that these few who live here do the same, confident in the great goodness of God, ever needed help for him who is determined to leave everything.

Oh my sisters in Christ! help me to plead that the Lord, that's why I shall gather here; this is your calling, these have to be your business, these must be your desires, Here your tears, these your requests; do not, my sisters, business world. World in flames, want to turn a sentence Christ, as they say, it will rise a thousand testimonies, want to put their Church on the floor, And should we spend time on things that perchance, if God is the diese, would have a soul less in the sky? No, my sisters, is no time to deal with business minor God ".