Teresa of Jesus, strong woman, brave

Teresa of Jesus, strong woman, brave

Written in: Sea 06, 2015

Regarding the International Women's Day we celebrate this Sunday, today we bring, again from the hand of Margarita Mayor, A new reflection of the figure of Santa Teresa as a strong woman, brave!


And therefore, apostle.

Listen to what the Pope Francis says it in his letter to the bishop of Avila on the occasion of the opening of the Centennial Year 15 Last October:

"She lived the difficulties of his time-so complicated one, without succumbing to the temptation of bitter regret, but rather accepting them in faith as an opportunity to take another step on the way ... This is the Teresian realism, requiring works rather than emotions, and love instead of dreams, realism Love humble before asceticism afanoso!… When burning the world, can not waste time on unimportant business. Hopefully this holy infect all rush out to walk the paths of our own time, with the Gospel in hand and the Spirit in the heart! It is time to walk!"

And hear what she says in the book of Foundations (F 2,7):

"Oh greatness of God! And how you show your power to give audacity an ant! And how, My Lord, Vos is not by not doing great works those who love you, but by our cowardice and pusillanimity! Since we never determined, but full of a thousand fears and human prudence, so, Oh my God, Vos obráis not your wonders and greatness. Who else to friend, if I had who, or receive services at their expense? May it please your Majesty that I have done some and not more aware that giving how much I have received. Amen ".

At last, hear His Word and the Word of God, as such today for us:

"Esme great pity, because I know many souls who come here; and to move from here, as they have to spend, are so few that makes me ashamed to say. You querríalas much advise to look not hide the talent, because it looks like God wants choose to benefit from many other, especially in these times that are necessary strong friends of God to support the weak ". (The. 15, 5)

"In the anxious. Trust in God and trust me ". (Jn. 14, 1)

"He said to them: -Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation ". (Mc. 16, 15)