Teresa of Jesus, woman

Teresa of Jesus, woman

Written in: Sea 03, 2015

On the occasion of International Women's Day is celebrated on Sunday 8 March, this week we pay tribute to all women in the figure of St. Teresa of Jesus, against his allotted time to live, fought for their beliefs and values ​​as reflected in the many foundations created throughout Spain.

Today we share this written text by Margarita Mayor, from whom you will continue reading your thoughts on Santa as a woman in the next few days.


For different circumstances of my life, I've met Teresa of Jesus. And the strength of this meeting is such, that has guided my steps, my vocation, my destiny. And now this is my identity; if someone asks me, I say I am "TERESIAN".

In these lines I will share with you information about Teresa, with the intention of publicizing more his work or life, but I will share my own experience of meeting with Teresa, as she would, in order that everyone can approach his person, meet her and leave us questioning, spread and wake. So also each of you can "ENTERESIANARSE", become "TERESIANO".

And I'll do it for seven approaches, as seven are the Lodgings which she describes so masterfully, and I will from his words and the Word of God, so they are not my words, but theirs, which enlighten us.

Teresa of Jesus, woman

Teresa is an extraordinary person, an extraordinary woman, a character who is life and death in every word, in every act, in every gesture. She is a woman full of life, Love, Passion, of concern for the other. And a woman crossed by doubt. In this sense, is a character that anyone interested, a universal character

Who is Teresa of Jesus for me? Teresa is a brave woman. Bold. Determined. Strong. Impetuous. Passionate. Practice. Open. Seeker. Curiosa. Creative. Ingenious. Extrovertida. Amiga friends. Realistic. Dreamer. Strategist. Constant. Genuine. Risky ... Each of us can complete this relationship ...

In definitive, Teresa is a WOMAN ... Listen to what she says in the Way of Perfection, codex de El Escorial, chapter 4,1:

"It seems daring to think I must be somewhere to achieve this. I trust, My Lord, in these your servants here are, I see and I do not want anything nor intended, but be content; for You have left what little they had, and would like to have more to serve you with it. Well you are not Vos, My Creator, ungrateful to think I shall give less than what I beseech, but much more; not aborrecisteis, Lord of my soul, when you were continually around the world, Women, before the favorecisteis you always hallasteis much piety and love them both ... (follow 20 deleted lines, censored, saying):… hallasteis them both love and more faith than men, it was your most holy Mother, -and whose merits deserve to have their habit- what desmerecíamos for our sins. Not enough Lord, we have the world at bay, not to do anything worth anything Vos Public, we dare not speak some truths we cried secretly, but ye have not we heard so just request. I do not think so, Mr., of your goodness and justice, that you are just judge and not as the world judges, which, as are children of Adam and, in the end, all male- Under no woman who does not have as suspicious. Yes, someday must have, My King, we all know. I do not speak for me, who has already known the world and I loose my meanness that is public; but because I see the times so that is no reason to discard virtuous minds and strong, whether or women ".

The Gospel witness what it says Teresa. Also in the time of Jesus there were women who broke boundaries, mores, limits ... love made them be incomprehensible gestures to the society of his time. Recall the case of public sinner in the house of Simon the Pharisee (Lc. 7, 36-47); or woman with blood flows went to touch Jesus (Lc. 8, 40-48); Canaanite amending the understanding that Jesus himself had of his mission (Mc. 7, 24-30); Mary to anoint the feet of Jesus at Bethany (Jn. 12, 1-8); or Marta to confess Jesus as Messiah (Jn. 11, 20-27); or the Samaritan talking with Jesus at the well of Sychar (Jn. 4, 1-42).

And we, us? We are called / calls to be, in the Church and in the world, other'Teresas of Jesús` to enable the Kingdom of God.

* Mayor Margarita Rodríguez is religious of the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus, Master and Bachelor CC. Physical and, at present, Provincial Treasurer Province of Our Lady of Hope and teacher of St. Teresa of Jesus Colegio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.