Carmen Oliart: “Santa Teresa is still in force 500 years after”

Carmen Oliart: “Santa Teresa is still in force 500 years after”

Written in: Sea 11, 2015

The Editorial Sabina in her children and youth section presents a series entitled “A True Story” bilingual illustrated biographies. It is here that it includes a exceptional work that chronicles the life of St. Teresa of Jesus that has been written by María-Milagros Rivera Garretas. It is not just another book that completes the collection of biographies of important women in women of all ages but beyond, is the unique tribute to the most universal Spanish Santa in the 500 anniversary of his birth. We chatted with Carmen Torres Delgado Oliart, Head of Production Publisher, to know how they're living the publication of this book in full celebration of V Centenario.


There are many publications this year resume to Santa Teresa as inspiration. Many studies on its historical and social context, others are fiction novels that reconstruct various conflicts of Santa Teresa recreating their lifestyle, and others are essays on their thinking and understanding of prayer and mysticism. Where does the publication of Sabina Editorial in this centenary?

Publication of Sabina Editorial aims to provide an insight into the life and work of Teresa of Jesus that reflects what was revolutionary, and how was new proposal within the world in which he lived. We are facing a literary work that continues 500 years after it was written, we still questioning today by its grandeur and quality.

What facet of Santa Teresa believes it can attract more young audiences and child?

I think the way the author has narrated episodes of childhood and youth Teresa can attract children and young, because it shows us the power of your imagination, and his thirst for adventure since childhood. Not forgetting the importance that reading in the formation of his personality. Activity shared with his mother, certainly, and she dragged in her room to light a candle.

To what extent do you believe that a work about Santa Teresa today can influence the mindset of a young? Are there too many distances?

Precisely, highlighting their bravery and personal rebellion is something you can share any young today. And his tenacity to go their own way challenging obstacles that stood.

Related to the above, in one of the passages of the work ensures that “mystical revolution is love revolution”. Are changes of the sixteenth century were similar to changes in the XXI century? Could you talk about a mystical revolution, amid so many revolutions?

To some extent yes there are similarities. As the author says, Maria Milagros Rivera Garretas, referring to the mystical revolution "Teresa believed that sovereign spirituality of every human being is the protagonist of political and truly change your life and the world." I think if we look at the changes taking place today with a little perspective historical, we find certain similarities. In these times of crisis and change, people seek new personal references, political and social, new ways of relating. It is put back into the center values ​​such as solidarity and cooperation, essential for coexistence, against a model based on competitiveness and consumerism.

¿Raises the Editorial Sabina some other publication that treats St. Teresa from another point of view?

We have also published a book in digital format, to bring it to other public and wider dissemination. Can be obtained directly in the website of the publisher.

In addition, We have developed a notebook complement reading called "Teresa in the Classroom", which is available on our website. It is a proposal of activities for students, secondary especially, learn more about the life and work of Teresa of Jesus in a more enjoyable and fun way. There are also materials for teachers to work this content.