Thanksgiving. Giving thanks

Thanksgiving. Giving thanks

Written in: Dec 06, 2014

Mexico-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

Initially, when was shaping path Path Light, one of the things we wanted to try to avoid was the arrival in US. at the time of Thanksgiving. This is one of the most important national holidays, and is, clearly, the family party. From all parts of the country people travel to spend the day with their families around the table. The day is known as Black friday, where the main shopping center, chains and establishments make incredible discounts. So, tradition that Americans seize the day to advance holiday shopping. Dates are closely identified in which it is difficult that no celebration is very crowded, therefore, wanted to avoid the.

Even so, the complexity of this trip, have so many countries and so many places to organize, we had time to get to all the places that we visit, by exit 15 October and return the 28 March, by a series of cabals destination, we come to US. as 27 October, exactly on Thanksgiving Day. We landed in San Antonio, Texas.

Upon arrival at the airport, and there was a large party, and that was the key mealtime. We were warned not know how many people would attend the Mass back, as we already knew, It was a very difficult day.

The result was that, indeed, no attempt was made to one of the many celebrations that we could share during the pilgrimage, but if one of the most dedicated and emotional. Then we realized why. Thanksgiving as its name suggests is the act of giving thanks. And that was also transformed. The people who came were deeply grateful for the visit of the Santa Teresa by its symbol, Cane. And it was a time when you could breathe gratitude to all levels. Mixed reasons, the reasons and ways to give thanks to the nicest way possible, adding, uniting.

And after a large group of laywomen, how could it be otherwise, we were invited to a real Thanksgiving dinner, with your turkey, puree, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy which I have no idea how to translate- foot lemon ... and a myriad of delights more.

It was a very special moment and one day very meaningful. And really heard was the word “thanks”.

I thank the I in this case, the Carmelite fathers who organized the visit and all acts, even on special days, the laity who left their families to become ours and we could celebrate this feast beautifully surrounded, and this time I want to do another very special thanks ... ,better than today, Day after Thanksgiving.

I want to thank my colleagues, we are 4 we traveled with baton of the Holy Founder and is a pleasure to see how easy do it all, as we support, as when one is tired, immediately put the other shoulder. As after month and a half with only look at ourselves we know how is the other and having the best attitude in the world and smile at the difficulties.

Thanks Cristina, Pablo and Father Antonio, for the many hours spent And we have left to spend!