All the worlds in one Argentina

All the worlds in one Argentina

Written in: Nov 12, 2014

blog-9-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez. I am in Santiago de Chile when I am about to write about Argentina.

There is a big difference when I write about a country being in it, or when like now, following country I speak about the place that we have left, my degree of nostalgia multiplies and that’s when I am afraid to be oversentimental.

But I can't help it, I think about Argentina, and the first thing is that I have the sensation that I stayed there for weeks, because of all the things I lived. The second is desire to come back. And an inevitable smile that is about to stop being that to become laughter, repeating what I have laughed.

The program in Argentina was incredibly varied, I have to highlight the ceremony of welcome, with lyrical music, folk, puppetry, the testimony of one of the descendants of Agustin, brother of Santa Teresa here in the Americas. This varnishing of modernity and current, very refreshing and at the same time very deep. However this had not just begun, the program continued with a visit to different monasteries in the Capital, where we were received with impressive orchestras and displays of flowers, details as balloons of helium waving us goodbye. Really a magnum welcome that impacted us. But there were still surprises on this visit, to move to Altagracia, everything became much more simple and humble but not without significance. We were lucky to coincide with the assembly of the Federation of Argentine nuns, who meet once every three years and spend time with representatives of many of the Argentine monasteries. It was unforgettable. All this and we still had the highlight of the visit, to go to the monastery of San José de Córdoba, the first founded in southern Ecuador and is now located in the middle of town with unique views of the Cathedral. Inside the museum we could admire a part of the artistic legacy that guard the Carmelite sisters, it's great. We then visited the Teresian School of Córdoba whose story deserves a full post, to end with a solemn Mass at the Monastery of San José. A true architectural jewel.

And all that in just 4 days, where we wasted not a moment. We saw three completely different Argentinas, but they all form a coherent and comprehensive. Loved the experience.

And it seems important to have, even so, sketchy, everything we saw and we. Everything prepared was wonderful but ... is not this what I want to talk, and I think it shows me, why I rush to get to the point I want: what really has meaning for me Argentina.

From Argentina, the best landscape I take with me are the persons I met.

Father Pablo Ureta, Provincial Delegate of Argentina, gave us an interview where, for starters, he asked us that it was a talk in which he too could ask, and that everybody would participate, the other Pablo, our producer; Cristina, our doctor; and myself, that should have been a tip of what the whole thing was about. But it was not just him, it was a thing pretty general that happened while dialoguing with several people. I'll try to summarize what they transmitted me, I fear awkwardly, why the concept is the same of simple and complex.

See God in every one of the people, learn from the simplest. Back to the village and see the truth in it. Without ignoring the scholars, but being with people, part of the people and see in them the work of God. Focus your eyes on the neighbor.

I have found here many people who are very eager to listen and learn from people that otherwise, you almost have to start them the words. Paragraph, not really, since dialogue is easy and fluid, but you will not receive never doctrines, just a conversation that is enriched by the experiences of each. Speaking more with works by voice. Fraternity and how to greet one another, the complicity between monks and nuns. The collaboration between each other ... there are so many details that I could perceive. Such real unity, that's what led me.

Often when I write I long pauses when I look at the ceiling and think ... um ... then write another sentence and look back at the ceiling ... hum ... It's my way of trying to define and bring these lines everything that floats in my mind, between memories and feelings… are ellipses in my speech, and I feel like the "hum" in the middle of a dialogue, sometimes even I write and then delete, clear. But today, This text has cost me more than others, I have had countless "hums" ... and I did not realize until the end of what they wanted me to say. I can summarize my visit to Argentina in three "hums":

Humility, humanity, and humor.

I am grateful.