We are all brothers

We are all brothers

Written in: Jan 28, 2015

escuela camino luz tanzania

By Amaya Álvarez.

Besides landscapes, Tanzania is full of color and beauty by people, hairstyles, hats, Dresses clearly inspired by its multicolored nature, filling the streets and churches. The ubiquitous music and, as already advanced in the previous blog, naturalness, like talking to a stranger is the most normal thing in the world ... the end of the day it's your neighbor. I think that's what's liking me is the African experience so far, and I have a thousand anecdotes. In the car, We stopped often controls, or maybe leaving a parking and pay at the port, parents began to speak in Swajili and logically understood nothing, but laughed, touching each other, and Cris told me, “They know each other, right?”. But it was like this every time and every place, miles and miles away. No, I don’t think they knew each other. In here, everyone is friendly as a rule. And I love it and I know I'll miss it very much.

After visiting, Ass, Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro, my impression is that there is a huge effort from the Carmelites in education. In each mission there are one or more schools, all very large, beautiful and very elegant. The kindergarten of the Discalced Carmelites of Morogoro have all the walls painted with explanatory drawings from nature, Health, geography. It is a constant mural knowledge with a courtyard surrounded by plants. It's that kind of place where you feel that there are several people working very hard to make it nice and lovely. I would have loved to study there. And that's just one example. There are times when the work speaks for itself.

There was a mass in the church whose walls were painted all possible colors and light glowed as if they were stained. It was next to a school belonging to another mission, near Bunda, west of the country. There, dozens of children, some older but other very small sang in the choir. Cheerful children, vivísimos, but they behaved with perfect education and training. For me, needless to mention details, see these kids enough for me to know you are doing a job well needed, excellent.

Another moment, more happy for this trip personally was on the same mission. At the end of the Mass we went and children around me curious, to gameplay, I did as I was going to catch one of them, and they were terrified and ran in terror, My unexpected gesture must have been unusual for them. But a girl got it and started laughing. It was very small, like everyone else, 5 years at most. Then the girl, approached me slowly and I returned to do the same gesture that I catch a little softer and ran again but this time laughing. This was repeated again, with 3 or 4 children, then at one point they would 12 or 15 ... in 10 minutes was playing cop catches with fifty children. The only bad thing is that I always flirting ... so it was much more fun. This way of relating with people here, where they are creating new codes fascinates me. Not only with children, also among adults. My feeling is that you hear less prejudice.

I have another very amusing anecdote of Tanzania, the day we were leaving Western Kenya to Dar Es Salaam, the capital on the coast, accompanied us was the airport, Mother Superior of the Monastery of Bunda and one sister and they needed to see a specialist. Pablo then asked to stop for a moment as they had monkeys in the race, really very close and wanted them to record. When we stopped, a big male jumped in the hood of the car , giving the sisters, sitting front, a sudden fright. Thank God it only was that.

Undoubtedly, these minutes that look back on our way there I keep smiling, and again the explanation spare. They welcomed us as brothers, not only that and also consider our Carmelite Family, everyone.

And I want to take this opportunity to thank Father Marlon, his great work, effort and generosity. We accompanied at all times and not stopped worrying we were ok and had everything we needed. Again I go to detail, There was always a bottle of water, a look to make sure everything was fine. Thank you!