A long awaited hug

A long awaited hug

Written in: Nov 13, 2014

blog10-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez. I started this post surrounded of impressive mountains. The Andes leans over Santiago framing it between picks that at dawn take a rosy tonality that makes them a little unreal. The buildings that rise high they are overshadowed by the unchanging background. It seems very nice Santiago, cleaning, neat and modern.

Arriving, as usual, we were wonderfully received, with beautiful posters and an appetizer so complete that we confused it with dinner. Then, it was impossible to have dinner, We could not believe there was anything more.

Something nice about this trip is to live with the idiosyncrasies, Here there is respect and sensitivity, care for detail that feels different to other countries. A sense of order and calm. And they say to me –“We are colder, aren’t we?, more distant, don't you think?" No, I don't think so, there are many ways to show affect and joy. It is true that while in some places people are crowded around us and everything is clamor and din, you here, the right time is expected to appear, no crowds. But the feeling of closeness is not less. Neither attention nor.

Nevertheless, I'm procrastinating much count the most special moment we have lived in Chile, and it seems unfair to pick a time or place to another, but this has been hugely significant. The visit to the Sanctuary of Auco, the encounter between mother and daughter. We often talk of mass and lose mass and reference, but here, people could be counted by hundreds. Is enormous devotion that is Teresa of the Andes, first Holy Latin American and Discalced Carmelite. Has lived this meeting as a day of great happiness for the Carmel. As we want to be the Way of Light, a celebration.

And throughout the day, from the prayerful moments, the pilgrimage, to the Masses, samples have been constant excitement. Each celebration have been joined by more and more people.

But there was a moment, the late afternoon, at the culmination of the visit, I believe in is that concentrates all the sense in this day and maybe this trip.

At 17:00 began in the crypt a prayerful moment, the visit of Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati mixed among the people like one made it even more special. The bouquets literally not fit in the space that was reserved for them, the statue of Teresa of Ávila with cane at his feet and a few meters of Teresa of the Andes, beside his tomb was the image that we had all hoped, the meeting. The crypt was completely filled, was difficult to walk on it and a constant murmur was heard, between admiration and prayer, I tried to move the camera barely, trying not to disturb too, but capture the moment with the camera. I went away looking for the perfect place to photograph the crowd, given the architecture of the crypt was not easy to find a place with tall enough to see the whole scene. He caught me from behind and slightly away from the center of the celebration when there was a sudden silence. Of those who cut you a little breathing. When I turned to see what was happening, seemed that for a second time had stopped, no one spoke, nobody moved. Aware that I was missing "the moment" try to advance without unduly disrupting, and when I came to see what was happening, They had placed his stick on the grave. I did not picture. I stood watching and only reacted when they came to pick up the baton. It was too late, I could not photograph the meeting. Anyway I'm glad, that an image could not grasp what was experienced there. Then one of the Chilean applicants me very well defined by, much better than any picture. I said, "Did you see? The moment when mother and daughter were embracing, I felt so, as a good hug, really sweet”. I think that’s what the room felt, and that’s why they muted, for keeping the intimacy.

I love watching Path of Light as a meeting, between people, between cultures, between the Holy through the symbol of the stick with his daughters, those living in seclusion and those who have followed in his footsteps of holiness.

I like to feel, as we move, that no matter the country, it is much more what we have in common than divides us, who stays in anecdote that almost always makes us laugh out loud. As these common words in a place that has a completely different meaning in another. I like to think I'm working a little with my steps to make us feel a little more family, a little more siblings.

From here, a really big hug, Still on track!