One more day on the Path

One more day on the Path

Written in: Nov 06, 2014

blog-6-camino-de-luz-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez. Today I started writing this blog a couple of hours after arriving in Argentina, and just before the official reception in Buenos Aires and subsequent mass.

Now, 6 hours later, my feeling has changed completely, but I think it is worth to read it. It said so:

"It was 18 days ago when we left Avila. We all knew there would be tough times, other easy, lots of fun. Today, despite all the care of our hosts, I am deeply tired. Every time someone hugs me, I want good trip and blesses me. Whenever someone asks me what the next destination, every time someone offers me a bar of soap or anything else you might need, gives me a lot of moral strength, and that I still ample, but today I am feeling physical fatigue, that I want to fight with all this support and with illusion.

We left Florida, in Uruguay, at 5:30 AM, one hour by car to Montevideo, an hour wait, two hour bus to Colonia, another hour wait, plus one hour ferry to finally get to Buenos Aires, Just in time for lunch, and we still have a full day ahead. But this is not an exceptional day, It is only today, the sum of many days are noticing a little. I think it's too cold: comes chasing days. Father Antonio, ordinarily resident in Ávila, calls fresquito, but this in my land is COLD, cold and rain.

I had never been in Argentina. In addition, I have an excellent relationship with Walter D'Aloia via email, Vice Consul and Director of the Committee to organize the V Centenario here in Argentina and was eager to put a face, finally. Similarly, see Buenos Aires, city ​​I know only by songs and movies. Nevertheless, I'm having trouble showing all that joy. I'm rather dull and although attempts, my sincere smiles remain in wearily. And I hate, that the desire and the will is great and true ... "

Now, well after, I continue writing these lines, but I no longer recognize my previous words. What happened in these 6 hours? What has changed?

Well I again felt amazed by how people turn. That's incredible, it happens in every country, but it is still surprising. Hosting, all the effort, the delicacy and beauty of artistic expressions that have shown us. As varied, but so focused on Santa Teresa from a point of view so cool. And before that, forget everything you own; would lie and say I'm not tired, but has gone on to another plane. Let me give concrete examples to try to explain: it rains buckets in Buenos Aires, the sky is falling on our heads, yet the church, huge, It was full to the brim. A woman had 500 miles and came to greet excited, because I had read this blog, and was so anxious to see the cane that no rain would stop. Another lady running 60 years coming to daily Mass was telling me how excited three generations of his family have been Carmelites and grace she posed for our visit. The descendant of the brother of Saint Teresa, that said some very nice words. Representatives of the Embassy of Spain also greeted with such kindness and closeness that leaves you unarmed. Not to mention the lyrical concert, other folk, the walk through the 7 dwellings in the hands of a puppeteer that introduced us too to a young girl Teresa that touched everybody’s hearts. It is difficult to give examples without getting anything back, and I can not write it all, not give me pages.

It is so beautiful what our step that we can not leave aside our tiredness. We know it's going to be hard and sleep little and we travel a lot, but that is intrinsic to this adventure, and much more other people face daily. A much more he faced no further than Santa Teresa. We took his stick and we should flood the spirit and unwavering tenacity. So, renewed the energy, renewed by the love, I go to bed to give my maximum again tomorrow. And always remember to forget the feeling of tiredness, because I'm representing many people and that should prevail above all.

Good night!