A place to stay

A place to stay

Written in: Nov 26, 2014

DSC00859-1024x768By Amaya Álvarez.

Newly, I start these lines with a strange time-space sensation. I feel we left Colombia long time ago, and it hasn’t been a week.

And again, I write with a huge sense of attachment; The other day we talked in a van, I can not remember, in one of the many long journeys we do. We talked about what order were to return to the countries we left behind. And the truth is that, to spend time, We were giving reasons and discussing, but always left in the same: Colombia. Why?

Well, at the risk of earning enemies, not for its beauty. Bogotá is nice but just me many other cities where we have been. Medellín also, and the coast have not had the fortune to visit yet, so that's not the reason. The food is delicious, but no more than other. Music and culture are wonderful but ... it's nothing like that. They are Colombians, their ways, a very special feature hugging himself and abroad.
The friendliness of the people is unparalleled. And we've been received and treated great everywhere for the Carmelite family, but it is that in Colombia EVERYONE is nice, from the police officer, until the taxi driver.
And I have a perfect story, Cris and I escaped one morning to visit the Botero Museum of Bogotá, and after seeing we headed up the street to find a less touristy place to eat. The clouds above us advised us to hurry us, however we were bent on leaving the area blond red with backpacks, boots and maps.

We indicated in an old bookstore a restaurant quite close and highly recommended, and the first drops falling we headed up there. Arriving, three people working in the restaurant ate at the bar. We asked and were told it was closed, but two blocks down the street was a very nice place. Perfect. Leaving, threatening drops had become a tropical downpour as there can only fall, a water curtain: literal. We were on the road protected by the sill of a terrace. A minute later, the waiter came and offered an umbrella to get to another restaurant. We said no, unaccustomed, i dont know, I found it strange to take the umbrella of an unknown. In Miro upset, You sure? Yes, Yes, I do, the sky cannot unload this way for a long time, no problem. Five minutes later there were still trapped. The waiter came out, urged us to enter, while still preparing the restaurant to open a little later, They fixed a table, and gave us two banana soups. He was cleaning the cutlery while we were talking, and in a minute, and had a feeling of familiarity, and we laughed and joked. This is just an example, but it has happened with every person I talked over 60 seconds in Colombia. You're fine, to order, with pleasure, such expressions are constant and sincere.

And all of that without speaking about the Carmelite family, if already, always found affection, sympathy, joy and home ... Here in Colombia, have bent over backwards to make us feel at ease. Since applicants, attentive at all times, until the last monk, nun, delegate, All provincial ....

But I was wrong from the beginning, Colombia is not a place you want to return, Colombia is a place you do not want to leave. Right now I put it in the title!