An unforgettable moment

An unforgettable moment

Written in: Oct 19, 2014

IMG_8300-1024x682Path of Light has started to walk, we are in Nossa Senhora de Aparecida, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the most important pilgrimage place of Brazil, and as we have been told, Nossa Senhora de Aparecida is also their patron, also the first stop on this route, where we find a warm welcome full of love and joy. With a lot of very young people, a choir that accompanied the whole entourage in their songs and huge smiles.

Today, already the 17, in a few hours will be a solemn Mass. And I take the opportunity to walk while the others sleep, since the jet lag has gotten me out of bed. Outside you can hear the cheep of infinity of birds. We are in Brazil!

However I do wish to write about a time, very special, well, few. This project from its beginning has been for me really moving, but if there is one moment that marked me in all this experience to date, it was Tuesday 14 October, on the eve of the great celebration to be held the next day.

After some beautiful words, F. Emilio (Vicar General of the Order of Discalced Carmelites), F. Saverio (Superior General of the Discalced Carmelite Order) we imposed the Cross , Carmelo symbol before a huge entourage of Friars from all over the world and parishioners, then bless. That moment, in which I won the cross for my path defines the beginning of light, and is a symbol of how with us, 4 Pilgrims, is the whole order of Carmel and as we have placed a tremendous amount of excitement and hope. Being part of the group of persons with the world the original cane Santa Teresa, such an important symbol and aroused such passion is a feeling that I can hardly describe in words. It is a great joy but also a great responsibility.

So I'll try to explain it through vivid moments. Day 15 October, during the feast of the Saint, the great mass held in Ávila, We dedicated a prayer. Feel at a place thousands of people pray for the success this incredible project, fills you with strength and security. Join the procession and watch children, parents, grandparents and people of Avila in general, tips in and waves at you, newly fills you with energy. You take a little of each and you feel that.

But when we got to the CITES, just before leaving, we entered the room, a little late, and all the people there, many because it was a very important day for the Carmel, when they saw us coming they started to applaud, thereupon everything was kisses, hugs, while they grabbed our hands, filled us with good wishes and blessings. With the eyes watered for the emotion, one person after another wanted to give us all their support and devotion. Then, I realized my responsibility, I'm gonna walk with my colleagues, But are all these people who travel with us. This road is yours to us and I promise to try to move all these experiences through this website and leave nothing in the pipeline that we may all who travel together.

For Santa Teresa, by all monks and nuns, by the laity and all the faithful, for all those who are part of this beautiful family Carmelita are my steps. Heart And I've never felt so accompanied on a journey.

Thank you for entrusting me this mission.

Amaya Alvarez, technical manager of Camino de Luz