A different world can’t be built by indifferent persons

A different world can’t be built by indifferent persons

Written in: Dec 03, 2014

Carmen-de-Puebla24_11_14_029-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

Who knows me a little more or has read a little bit the things I’ve written will know already that I tend to sentimentalism and emotivism, but also to see the positive things. I like to keep with the best of each person and each place.

However, there are events that have not anything positive, that are just brutality. Arriving to Mexico in these days is inseparable from the number 43, It is everywhere. And I must confess that at first did not quite understand, until unconscious and awkward feeling, I realized that this is the 43 Iguala students.

I will not talk about it first, of respect, for my ignorance was the Mexican reality. I am a foreigner who has read the news, who sympathizes but is not aware of the true depth, the drama that lies behind these deaths. But again, That is not what I'm going to talk.

I would like to talk about the step forward that Mexican society has united. The omnipresence of the claims of justice. Tenacity perceived, winds of change and air that will not allow such things keep happening with impunity. That is breathed in Mexico these days, and I prefer a phrase, I do not know why, reminds me of Santa Teresa, something she could agree.

“A different world can’t be built by indifferent persons”.

And I know I am missing the point again, that is our journey through the different Carmels of the world, but one can not remain immune. 43.