A doctor between doctors

A doctor between doctors

Written in: Feb 16, 2015

Camino de Luz Togo

By Amaya Álvarez.

After 6 countries in Africa, completely admired with the joy of its people and the rotundity of its landscapes, I understand that this country has lived and lives an unequal development, and a miscegenation of cultures, customs and religions very intense, with frontiers that divide and mix equally. And the challenges of the future are obvious, the main get to a balance and peace that allows the convivial and economic development. Maybe the continent that has to fight more for its future, is this where I am.

For all the precedent things, it seemed me specially exceptional and necessary the organized activity in Togo by our Carmelite fathers. In Togo the presence of the friars is very recent, nevertheless, you can tell the entrepreneurial and vital character of Father Victor Adzoguidi and Father Festus Awunyo. In little time, they are establishing a very strong presence with some solid bases that guarantees a splendorous future.

In the mark of the V Centenary and our arrival, Father Victor organized some conferences, in whose he implied religious authorities of all the main confessions, including Islam, and traditional religions. He also reunited politicians and international speakers with an only goal, the dialogue. I think the title expresses clearly the goal of them: “To the reconciliation and peace with Saint Teresa”.

Beyond the religion that each one professes, the work of Saint Teresa is universal in its mysticism and humanity. It is something fully global as it is the relationship with one himself and to God. Creating full and peaceful persons, to create full and peaceful societies. The human being is the main agent of the conflict, but at the same time is the one that can make the reconciliation possible. In this debate and exchange of experience, you look for the way to this understanding, and it is proposed the light of the Teresian path as a possibility.

The working days, three in total, were a complete success both in the attendance as in the dialogue, leading to many conclusions that I am sure will be the base of a bigger aperture and a step more in this path so necessary to peace.

I like a sentence specially, that I am not sure now if Father Julio Almansa or Victor pronounced it for the first time, and is the one I am using to title this blog, that sums up the intention to put Teresa, with the symbol of the cane, between scholars and specialists. A doctor between doctors.

I congratulate again from here, for the work done, the social conscience and solidarity, the opening and the bridges that lay down our Carmelite brothers of Togo. And wishing them that all this effort they are putting on doing things “from good to better” give their results.

I bid farewell to Africa, and as it is frequent on this trip, a little part for me stays here, and another little part stays with me forever.

See you next time, Lomé!