A sweet visit

A sweet visit

Written in: Oct 24, 2014

Camino-de-Luz-tarta-avion-a-RioFrom Sao Paulo to Rio, there are just 50 minutes of flight. We travel with a festive sensation, because it was Father Antonio’s birthday, and the Brazilian friars brought us a cake; with just the time to blow up the candles, we went running through the airport. After we passed the controls, we ran to embark. And once on the plane we could enjoy the cake. The feeling is a bit of being rock stars, living on the road, always with everything in our backs.

Arriving in Rio we were expected by a delegation with more than 20 people. Again they sang happy birthday to Father Antonio, and then he was given a small gift. Hosting, and Brazilian generosity is unmatched. We would spread the word from one place to another and that night we also had cake. That's a Path of Sugar!

We were also surprised that all those who came to the airport, then escorted to the convent of Saint. Teresinha of Rio de Janeiro, honking our step. Arriving, the bells were ringing, and the demonstrations of happiness were very expressive: at the end we were all laughing because of the excitement.

A few hours later there was a mass, perhaps the busiest we've lived in Brazil, next to it in Sao Paulo, chaired by him Father Fabio, pastor of the convent Sta. Teresinha of Rio de Janeiro. At the end, there was a very significant representation: one young characterized Rio Santa Teresa played an adaptation of the way through the seven mansions, with a staging playing with lights and flowers and ended with all the faithful around the altar thanking God and a shower of rose petals, falling from the roof. After, these petals are passed by the shrine where rests the original cane Santa Teresa and kept as a souvenir of the celebration.

Every day that passes, we are getting used more to bring home slopes: do and undo the fastest bags. That said, always taking care of our treasure: the cane of the Saint. That said, whenever we become more difficult goodbyes. The other day we mentioned in the team quickly born affections with each local community, with the friars and nuns who welcome us. It is an ambivalent feeling: on the one hand, the illusion to continue, and other, worth individuals leaving for a few hours or a few days have given us their best. Hugs and farewells ever last longer, every time we turn more times waving as we move away from teresianos where we were made to feel at home. We like to use the term "family" to define the relationship between the various people who are part of some way of Carmel. Because really that's what they are, and we are accepting as a member, with arms rather than open.

As a final anecdote, it is impossible, literally impossible, to leave a monastery without sweets, folders, cakes, biscuits and lots of gifts. A friar asked us if we didn’t going to have problems with overweight. Clearly, but we are very much concerned about our own overweight than in the one of the suitcases.