A different Christmas

A different Christmas

Written in: Dec 27, 2014

DSC01424-1024x768By Amaya Álvarez.

Dear Friends, Merry Christmas.

This year has been very special, this path that unites us has given me a Christmas that never imagined. We spent Christmas Eve in a plane, between Samoa and New Zealand, to continue flying on Christmas Day first to Sydney and then to Denpasar, way to our final destination, Chennai.

And the connection between Apia and Chennai is quite complex.

But it really does not matter where you spend Christmas, I think the important thing is who the passes.

I had never been away from my family at this time, in fact always, no matter where they were, he took a plane to get home. However this time it was impossible. And ... well, usually if you miss your loved ones at this time the feeling is multiplied exponentially. And calling is almost worse, because you hear them happy, they send you pictures of the family and the friends gathered together, and when you hang up the phone, the sensation of loneliness crashes you relentlessly.

And my teammates are fantastic, the group of lay Apia, looked after us wonderfully until the moment of our departure, but it is inevitable homesickness. So, We were all a little absent, looking here and there how to reach Spain, and in good spirits, but more engrossed inch. I also dragged a cold these days ...

And then spent two very special things,

Weak as I was, I went to the room of Cris, I can not remember now what, she came fast to the door and we spoke, but she didn’t let me in, I found it very strange, but I realized a few hours later.

With magazines, leaves of trees, flowers, tape and a display of impressive creativity made a crèche, He called us all into the room and told us we were being peculiar Christmas, heat, unadorned ... almost as if it was Christmas and I wanted to bring that spirit and he gave us this wonderful crèche. I've said it before, sometimes means a world details. It was a gesture we all needed.

After, Christmas Day, flew in the afternoon and we were spending the night half in a plane, transit half, We were pretty tired, disoriented. We went to a hotel to try to get some rest and we decided to celebrate Mass in the room, only 4. Father Antonio brought everything ready, in a jiffy transformed the room into a suitable space and instead use a homily, Father Antonio invited us to share how we felt and what they meant for us these dates. It was a very intimate moment in which we all talk a bit the same feeling of nostalgia, Difficulty to concentrate, as if our minds were elsewhere. It's not just Christmas, and will almost three months since we left home. I, and I hope everyone, I stopped feeling alone, we were feeling the same. After Father Antonio continued the celebration and explaining the importance of such an important day.

These two moments are what have made my Christmas Christmas, and those who have dusted me nostalgia. There are times when you generate a loop, a bond that stays with you for ever.

And another important thing to me, Thanks for the congratulations, by text messages and emails. The truth is that, while movement, trip, shortage of good Internet connection, Material does not give me time to write to each of the people I'd like, thus like to take this medium, even a little impersonal a common message, the feeling is the same.

Thanks to everyone who until today have accompanied us on this journey, I wish you all a happy holiday, a new year full of joy and light. And that feeling that has brought us together for a few moments remain, inspiration and will be your partners, and brotherhood continue to guide us. And in a nutshell, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Ah! And one last thing, anyone to worry, then when I get to the places everyone is alarmed. We are well, happy, we feel privileged and blessed. But of course we miss. As I know the day of our return will miss infinitely everything we've lived.

Merry Christmas to all!