A life, a mission

A life, a mission

Written in: Dec 01, 2014

IMG_1741-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

I apologize in advance, This post threatens to be extremely emotional. I have not yet begun to write and have watery eyes. Maybe I repeat much, speaking of how much brand me a site or leave a piece of my heart there. Sorry, but I can not write anything, it's true. You are running a lot of me in this trip, and I'm taking so many life lessons, really, I do not know how I'm going to finish. What will happen to me after all these experiences? I have no idea.

Sucumbíos, is ... is a beautiful place, Amazon, nature ... It's encounter many strong elements, is that place where the earth grows so indomitable life, where water is always your course, where animals seek their hollow sound at all hours.

It is also a place where man wants to take a piece of that wealth, and cutting parts of the forest industry to build on its slopes. Always overwhelming and threatening, the mountain gives the feeling that at any moment it may fall and engulf all these human efforts.

Sucumbios is one of those places you can not help but feel a higher order of things.

When you get there, to visit the communities still suffers a past conflict but live in their wounds. It also notes that no looking back, is not you want to go back to how things were, if you are trying to build a future that close the gap that opened. A common future where everyone has room. I do not feel capable, decisions or position to discuss the conflict. But in Sucumbíos, today, Nor is it possible to obviate. Anyway bridges loom, paths towards a reconciliation and I stick with it.

Nevertheless, people who were working there for 40 years, they had to leave at one point. I had the opportunity to share ride and conversation with one of those people, Juan, Father Juan, whose overwhelming generosity transferred his gaze. Whose gestures speak more than a million words.

Juan accompanied us on this visit, and to reach every village disappeared between kisses and hugs, everyone around him. Sometimes the minimum almost imperceptible gesture carries a huge message. We love you, Juan, I read everywhere. And so much so, contagion that I began to love him I also.

And John is not the only, It is only the person with whom I shared more moments, I have no doubt that this feeling is extensive.

Grandmother, Sister Lola, Teresian nun. Woman groundbreaking prejudices and barriers. Woman has reinvented itself and has turned to heal wounds, which leaves the field in the people of this region and that lie at the heart.

I rediscovered a human beauty very necessary in Sucumbios. Born as all there, as flowers, as trees, varied, Colorful, vital and huge.
How great is all in the Amazon. Starting with hearts. So I'm. I go there with the iron will be better. If fairer, more generous, to open more my heart ... in just over 24 hours have caused that in my ... I can not imagine what has been achieved in years of work.

Thank you for giving your life in missions, Juan and Lola, of course, other people who live and work in Sucumbios or elsewhere, anyone who achieves this level of delivery.

And thanks to the Bishop of Sucumbíos, Celmo Lazzari, for joining us and sharing all the way.