Friends of Teresa

Written in: May 06, 2014

We invite you to participate actively in the Centenary of Saint Teresa of Jesús. The main objectives that are chased are: “Encouraging and spreading the figure and magister of Saint Teresa de Jesús, her legacy and heritage, as well as her actuality and validity”. You can already be implied in the activities that are happening to make us closer to Saint Teresa of Jesús, getting more profound in her knowledge and bring her closer to the men and women of our time. To perform it, the Foundation V Centenary has developed the website to make possible that everyone who wants to participate in the V Centenary can.

Concretely, the website offers the possibility to be a Volunteer, Donor or Entreprise Friend. All of that with a simple questionnaire that will allow the user to participate in an active way in the V Centenary of the Birth of Saint Teresa.

In addition, the website will host information referred to the Teresian ephemerid, and it will be a focal point to know the activities that will start up for the Friends of Teresa.

Friends of Teresa

amigos de teresa