Written in: Jan 17, 2015

India Camino de Luz

By Amaya Álvarez.

Trying to describe in brief our experience in India is a task for which I am unable. Reduce all lived sentences is impossible, but I'm here to try.

India is an explosion for the senses. The colors and light overwhelm the look; flavors, Spicy is extreme, also sweet; countless smells invade you, some family, at all other; the incessant horn cars, joyful crying, a constant cacophony of sounds that blend and which is at first impossible to dissociate. People without fear to contact leaps on you without objections. The curiosity to see the cane is incredible.

You feel overwhelmed, India takes you to all ends in an instant. To tears and laughter. If one word defines the experience is intense. Try recording in memory everything that happens around you is impossible, concentrate on one thing too. The speed is relentless, I think I've never fired many times the camera in one minute. The Indian for me has been a Tsunami, in which we would highlight the smiles, Precious in the middle of a world that revolved around me, stimulating my brain at an unknown rate.

For us India is the country 17, and the third continent, and yet nowhere has been a big contrast to the above, and with all that I know, at least for me. It is a unique place where you have to spend much more than a week to begin to intuit, and possibly a lifetime to understand, to elucidate ...

In 6 days we visited by van 5 different provinces. Then we flew to Delhi which is another province more, initially, I could hardly understand many provinces so close, but that if I had the answer quickly. Carmel in India, He is like a tree in full bloom, seminars, convents and monasteries are full of young vocations. Wherever we went, Thousands of people flocked. One third of the Discalced Carmelites world are Indians as we discussed. It's like a boiling point seems not cease to go to more, but then I realized that was my perception, what I consider a high point for them is just a natural evolution. Not a booming explosion as seen from my perspective, is the result of a presence of several centuries continues to flourish. Nothing particular. And yet I did not stop to amaze.

It is impressive to see how in one place after another devotion to Santa Teresa, St. Therese Of Lisieux, St. John of the Cross is so alive. From my closed mind, I felt curious, picturesque even in such different cultures as Samoa, India ... the word of Santa Teresa had so much depth. But, piecemeal, I have come to understand its universality, and talking about something completely common to every human being, the soul and its connection with God. Countless times I've been told that reading to Santa Teresa learn to pray. What we talked about in one country or another, if you change the language, the landscape, the weather ... is the same. That deep desire of meeting God.

I come now to mind a quote from an interview conducted by Father Benjamin Franklin, says Teresa of Avila is Spanish, but is universal and is therefore also Indian. It's a simple idea, but I really liked.

In this family Carmelita are shown as the ties that bind us, that differences are relegated to the anecdotal. It is so gratifying to see it, live and witness, I consider it a privilege. And here my effort to try to share.

India is the most distant from my own culture in which I have been immersed, nevertheless, concerns, fears, desires and joys are the same ... We are universal and wonderful in our peculiarities. And that gives meaning to the idea of ​​fraternity. Another thing that I love and have also spoken at many locations, an example of fraternal life. I.e., preach his own life in community. Which made to perfection. Follow the road, after several months and I even surprised myself amazed and touched.

And I want to take this opportunity again to thank each of the provincial parents, friars and nuns, their generosity and hospitality. His great effort to make us comfortable. And his concern for us. THANK YOU!