Presents the guide Valladolid “Saint Teresa, his steps and paths through the province of Valladolid”

Presents the guide Valladolid “Saint Teresa, his steps and paths through the province of Valladolid”

Written in: Sea 04, 2015

Santa Teresa, sus pasos y los caminos por la provincia de Valladolid

On the occasion of the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, Valladolid Provincial Council presented this week guide “Saint Teresa, his steps and paths through the province of Valladolid. Field Notebook Teresian”, created by Professor Javier Burrieza and illustrated by Oscar del Amo.

In the guide they wanted to represent all teresianos traces on roads, stays, places and abodes of various locations in the province of Valladolid through the paths traveled by the province Santa, all historically referenced and analyzed through the archives and works of the reformer nun, historical notes and anecdotes.

This is to show a link between Teresa and the present province of Valladolid, beyond its Foundations, but also in their coming and going.

The Guide Travel notebook or text begins with an Introduction which follow 5 Paths Followed by Santa Teresa to finish with more extensive reference 6 teresianos main points of the province of Valladolid: Olmedo, Tordesillas, Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Medina de Rioseco and Villagarcía de Campos.

In the Introduction linking Santa Teresa de Jesus explained the province through its foundations, their family background and some of the prominent figures in your life.

Would 5 documented paths: the Foundation of the Convent of Medina del Campo, as 14 August 1567; The second way is to back and forth between Medina del Campo and Valladolid, who traveled for the first time between the 9 and 10 August 1568; The third way is the tour of Santa Teresa in December 1574 from Ávila, hurry and destination Valladolid, to solve a serious problem linked to the vocation of Casilda de Padilla; the fourth way of the Holy andariega is the bearer, between 1580 and 1582 foundations of northern Palencia and Burgos; and the fifth and last is the one that leads to the lands of Alba, September 1582, to reach the Alba de Tormes 20 September and died in this locality 4 October.

Roads that led him to cross a total of 13 towns in the province, besides the 6 Teresa places of special interest, as Pozal de Gallinas, Fuente el Sol, Ataquines, Lomoviejo, Salvador de Zapardiel, Valdestillas, Ventosa de la Cuesta, Rodilana, Laguna de Duero, Boecillo, Cabezon de Pisuerga, El Carpio or Fresno el Viejo and 6 teresianos places of special interest would be: Olmedo, hometown of his mother and his maternal grandparents; Tordesillas, the birthplace of his paternal grandmother, Ines de Cepeda.; Medina del Campo and Valladolid, two foundations in August 1567 and in February 1569; Medina de Rioseco, town by the way happened Palencia, causing deep impression for its vigor in the second half of the sixteenth; and Villagarcía de Campos, town where he lived and worked as rector and master of novices Jesuit Father Balthasar Alvarez, confessor of Santa Teresa.