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At this time Teresa calls us to pray. It could not be for something else. And summons us, how could it be otherwise, to pray for peace. She, sensitive to the problems of his time woman invites us to pray the painful circumstances of our time and our history. So today, attached thereto, go to “treat” Friend God with the terrible reality of the lack of peace.
Be Quiet: We silenced and enter the realm of the divine, We serenamos and entered the presence of Dios.Lo we asking the help of the Holy Spirit. “In flames the world”… (the Path 1, 5)
We sang repeatedly: “Come Spirit”

I.- “In flames WORLD….”

* Jobs in the presence of God, brought before Him, us our world…of which we are part… That world today especially it hurts…because we see threatened, more than ever, by the lack of peace…

* “In flames the world”, is the painful cry of Teresa contemplating conflicts, wars and divisions in society and the Church of his time, wars and struggles of religion. And, burn the world, This would be today without doubt his cry unto the Lord…and this is now our cry, which is almost a complaint with Our God: Lord is burning the world…

* Let us come before the Lord our world, which “burn”, appears “crumble” by the lack of peace and abundance of wars, conflicts, terrorism, violence…. We do this so much war, much violence, much need for peace, justice, brotherhood, box.

* We also remind all violence, all farms… all those wars “silent” and silenced….battered women, victims of family violence…both crazy terrorism…. many killed by fanatical ideas… those who die and malviven…because they have what needed to eat and have no peace… Yes, Mr.… is burning the world…

* Finally we present the Lord other wars…a more internal wars… All these internal battles when peace own lack…Perhaps this look at our world takes away peace…we may remove it other things: frustrations fears, our limits, our mistakes…our sin…It is this battle that books often, perhaps every day….Teresa also passed through these wars…

Read: WHEN WE NEED PEACE… on those bad days…

“I come a few days… I find that all good things and fervor and visions are removed me, memory even, although not want to know that there has been good thing in me; everything seems Sleep. Apriétanme bodily ills all together, túrbaseme understanding, God that nothing can think, not know what living law. If I read do not understand; I feel I am full of faults, no mood for virtue, and the great mood I usually have left in this: I like the least temptation or murmuring the world could not resist. Ofréceseme then I'm not at all, whoever gets me more than in the ordinary, I sadness, I perceive that I deceived everyone with me some credit; querríame hide where no one could see me, not then desire for solitude under, but of cowardice; seems, would quarrel with those who contradicted me” (Relations, 1, 22).


What to do about all this?

Teresa tells us: trust…trust God…who has God, have peace…. whom God has nothing peat…who has God lacks nothing… Nor Peace….

Repeat singing, trustingly, Teresa words: nothing disturb you… de Taize. (We sing repetitively, interiorizándolo…) “Let nothing disturb, nothing frighten you, who has God lacks nothing. Only God suffices”
And Teresa would say today that pusiésemos eyes on Christ, because He is peace, He is our peace. We say that acogiésemos again the gift of peace only possible: which arises from the presence of Jesus…. His presence, His Word illuminates all darkness and all night…

• the Paschal Candle is introduced
• Word is proclaimed

“Jesus told: If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and come to him and make our home with him… Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you; not give to you as the world gives. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let them be afraid”(Jn 14, 23; 27)
“On the evening of that day, the first week, being closed, for fear of the Jews, doors where the disciples were, Jesus came and stood among them and said to them,: “Peace be with you”. Having said this he showed them his hands and side. The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord. Je its said to them again: “Peace be with you”(Jn 20, 19-21).
Be Quiet, with soft background music…

And Teresa reminds us that we can live in peace, in the midst of this world so sore, it is possible, because God gives us his friendship… if like us your love will believe that anything is possible… that with Him on our side, no discouragement, or weaknesses…He does everything possible… That's beside us peace is possible… And only having peace in your heart can be a sower of peace…
(Are read the texts of the “Concepts”, can be interspersed nothing disturb you”… and simply let the background music… GOD IS OUR PEACE…. HE WILL JUST ENOUGH)

“Oh holy Bride!, we come to what you ask, which is that holy peace, venture makes the soul to be a war with all the world, leaving her with all security and peaceful. ¡Oh, such as large will achieve this thanks!, it is together with the will of God, so that no division between him and her, but either one will, not for word, not alone wishes, but as for work” (Concepts love of God, 3, 1).

“Oh, strong love of God! And as he did not think that there must be an impossible thing he loves! Oh happy soul that has come to achieve this peace of God, that is señoreada on all hardships and dangers of the world, none fears, a story to serve as a good husband and Lord!” (Concepts, 3, 4).

“So let us not complain of fear or discourage us from seeing skinny our natural and effort; but seek to strengthen us in humility, and clearly understand what little we can ourselves and that if God does not favor us we are nothing; and distrust everything about our strength and trust in his mercy” (Concepts, 3, 12).
“Oh My Lord and Mercy Well mine and mine! And what greater (okay) I want in this life to be so close to You, there is no division between you and me? With this company what to do difficult? What can not be undertaken by you, teníendoos so close?”(Concepts, 4, 9).


Leaning against this God… holding her hand… with trust in the Word and the presence of Jesus.. we dare to dream…Yes, we dare to believe that world peace is possible… It's good to have dreams… because maybe one day, we hope, those dreams will come true… Because dreams are brothers of hope. Let's dream a better world… as envisioned by the prophets…world peace, where the spears into pruning to become , where no harm, a world brotherhood…a world in which faith, our faith, is capable of transforming the limits of despair…. we dream…

(We hear the song: “Your joy” CD “everything becomes possible” editorial Mount Carmel (you can also put the text of the song)

And this God arrimados, trusting the PEACE ask for our world. Request peace as poor because we are in need of it. Sue for peace because it is a Don, a gift from above. The God of Peace we ask that you give peace to our world.
Corner: “Give peace, Give pacen oh Christ, in our days” (sing this song of peace or other multiple times…. After awhile we invite people to pray aloud. Intercalates el peace corner).

At the end we sang the Lord's Prayer: We do holding hands, uniting in our embrace all humanity. We stand.

Corner: Our Father you that these….