It is time for Walking

It is time for Walking

Written in: Nov 28, 2014

muerte santa teresaFor the P. Luis Javier Fernández Frontela.

The 4 October 1582, at sunset, Alba de Tormes when just the life of Mother Teresa, for whom life was "a night in a bad inn". From Alba entered the life of God, in that "forever, forever, with which he had dreamed since childhood, while trying to earn heaven with martyrdom.

On the evening of 20 September 1582, eve of the feast of San Mateo, when it reaches Alba de Tormes, end of many long trips Mother Teresa, the wandering nun, the lands of Castile and Andalusia.

Although doctors recommended bed rest, she rose to take communion every day and walk around the house. To please his niece Theresa and Anne of Saint Bartholomew, still dreaming of returning to his first foundation, San José de Ávila, where he was prioress: "At some point I saw a chariot relieved me and I look up and we will Ávila".

Despite the intentions of P. Anthony, asking the Lord "did not take her now that his presence was necessary", Teresa of Jesus, who is aware that "it was no longer necessary in this world", he prepares for the final encounter with God, the beloved.

The 29 September, Day of St. Michael, He heard Mass and take communion, but due to bleeding "fell into bed and never rose". On Sunday 30 September says his beloved Anne of Saint Bartholomew: "Daughter, it's arrival time of my death ". The 1 October requested that lead to the nursing, because from there, through the gate, You can follow the Mass.

The 3 October, tells Mary of San Francisco that Mother Teresa "asked the Blessed Sacrament, and it was almost as bad, could not stir in bed. Two religious the back, and as he saw the Viaticum he began to say to all religious: “My daughters, for the love of God pray with great features guardian of the Rule and Constitutions ...”, at this point he happened to get the Blessed Sacrament, and being so rendered rose above the bed, knees ..., and poniéndosele face with great beauty and radiance ..., said the Lord so high and divine things, they all put great devotion. Said inter: “My Lord and my husband!, it is desired arrival time, times is because we meet, my beloved and my Lord; it is time to walk, We're very good time; cúmplase your will, Now the time has come when I leave this exile, and my soul you enjoy both wished ".

When P. Anthony, always as inappropriate, Question: "Mother, if Our Lord takes itself, What does it do, if you want to go to Avila or her will stay here?", Teresa the responde: "Jesus, why did you ask, my father, Do I have of home?".

He used to say: "Mr., I am a daughter of the Church ", apologized for his many sins and exclaim "by the blood of Jesus have to be saved".

The 4 October, the nine p.m., while in the ducal palace gleefully celebrated the christening of the grandson of the Duke of Alba, died, in the convent of the Incarnation of Our Lady of Carmen, to the age of 67 aged Mother Teresa.

The next morning, while the convent bells announcing the death of Mother Teresa, his body was placed in the convent church where people came to venerate the body of the mother and give her a last farewell.

In Alba de Tormes, despite the outrages took his body, this woman rests forever, who in life was strong friend of God, and now, through its doctrine, It is food of faith of many Christians who seek God like her. So early on his grave became a place of pilgrimage. In 1614 F. Antonio de la Encarnación in his work Life and miracles of the enlightened and seraphic virgin Santa Teresa, recognizes that even the tomb of Mother Teresa "attends countless people of all parties. Hácenle novenas, entrusted with the Holy, receive God's great mercy with large working of miracles ".

Today pilgrimage to his tomb is walking towards a holy place, for there a woman, life that went with his feet on the ground, and that even in the pots, in everyday life, God knew found. A woman, Brother Roger would say, founder of the Taize community, that "buying, discussing business, writing, and lived at the same time, in his profound life, in intimacy with God ".

In Alba rests not a saint, but the Holy, which is nothing qe Teresa of Jesus, who in life was a friend of God and, beyond death, enjoying his presence. We can say that through it, As with all the saints, God is known, loved and praised.