Zamora celebrates the V centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus

Zamora celebrates the V centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus

Written in: Jan 31, 2015


Zamora begins 21 March V Centenary celebrations of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus concert “Silent music”, supervised by pianist Javier Perianes, in the Church of San Cipriano, within Festival International de Zamora Porch. A series of activities including poetry readings, theater performances to exhibitions, where multiple entities collaborate, film screenings and workshops designed for smaller.

In March Ramos Carrión Theatre will host a concert of religious themes of the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y León, while music and poetry will join in another activity that starts the third month of the year. Also come to the capital representation “Santa Teresa and time”, a theater company run by Channel to disclose the figure of Avila by placing him in the context in which he lived and wrote mounting, and “Teresa planter”, where Lazarillos theater group Tormes committed to a show with music from the Renaissance. In Benavente the public can learn the scenic proposal “The language in pieces”, a work of Juan de Mayorga that reflects the character of Santa Teresa.

The Museo de Zamora held various activities in the coming months. From talks, section of different pieces related to santa, family workshops as “The world of Santa Teresa” and “The poems of Santa Teresa” without overlooking three thematic visits focused, respectively, on objects of devotion, Golden Age or the parts and exhibits that relate to religious manifestations. Meanwhile the State Public Library will host “Ways of holiness”, a film series, exposure and “Santa Teresa in Zamora” throughout the spring and autumn the Ethnographic Museum will be the framework for temporary shows and conferences “Teresa of Jesus in the everyday”.